• Madhukar Kumar

    Madhukar Kumar

    Learnt English late/Dad threw me out for failing IIT entrance, but in reality reservation failed me/Serious & funny/No one hired me, so became entrepreneur.

  • Kara Monterey

    Kara Monterey

    I love coffee, creating stuff, bike rides, rose gardens, and reading. Founder of the new serialized literature website http://Channillo.com.

  • Manish Maskara

    Manish Maskara

    Doctoral researcher studying lives of Bihari migrant construction labourers within India. Christ follower. Loves biryani and Hyderabad.

  • Alex Boggs

    Alex Boggs

  • Saurav Datta

    Saurav Datta

    Academic- media law & policy,jurisprudence. Revels in satire & sangfroid. Opinions, strongly held. RTs aren't always endorsements.

  • Velapillai


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